Hydroponic Plants List

Best hydroponic plants list, the questions asked by, most of the hydroponics Beginners. Let’s discuss which hydroponic plants grow well and what types of plants can be grown hydroponically.

Selecting Hydroponic Plants is the most important phase in hydroponic farming. All your success depends on what you select the plants and how you plan the farming is the key role. If you ever asked this quotation what are good plants for hydroponics. Probably the best answer is, you can grow any plants in hydroponics. Absolutely true but many plants will flourish in the water based environments, while many will burdensome and could not bring similar produces, as in the actual soil counterparts. Therefore it’s recommended you select one best suited for hydroponics farming.

Which Hydroponic Plants, Best grown Hydroponically.

Almost any kind of plants can be grown hydroponically, for example, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Hydroponics commonly used by vegetable and fruit growers throughout India. Whether you are growing hydroponic Plants in indoor or outdoor, a controlled protected cultivation is important for hydroponics plants growth. The four main factors to be needed for any hydroponic Plants Succeed. Those are Water, Sunlight, Air, Anchorage (root system) and hydroponic plant nutrients.

As proven by, field tests and research activities, growing plants hydroponically is more economical and profitable growing business than any other agricultural farming. Most profitable plant to grow hydroponically is listed below.

Hydroponic Plants List
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce (Salad in Hindi)
  • Cucumber (Kheera in Hindi)
  • Kale (Leaf Cabbage)
  • Spinach (Paalak in Hindi)
  • Beans (Green beans, Pole Beans, Etc.)
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers (Capsicum)
  • White Radish (Moolee in Hindi)
  • Ginger (Adarak in Hindi)
  • Peppermint (Pudeena in Hindi)
  • Chives (Herbal plant)
  • Basil (Herbal plant)
Hydroponic Plants List

Hydroponic Plants List Explained

Hydroponic Plants Tomatoes


Many varieties of tomatoes, including traditional and cherry tomato, have been produced widely by hydroponic at home and in a commercial greenhouse. Actually tomato is a fruit, but the majority of people, whether suppliers or consumers thing that, it as vegetables. Important things to keep in mind that tomatoes require much more light. So be ready to purchase grow lighting system in case you are doing hydroponics at home.
Require more sunlight.
Drip hydroponic system works well for tomatoes.
Enjoy all year long continuous harvest.
Most grown in commercial hydroponics.
Lettuce Hydroponic Plants

Lettuce (Salad, Sandwich Leaf)

Lettuce, the most perfect ingredient for any salad, sandwich as part of your kitchen, is among the most common veggie that is growing plants hydroponically. Lettuce grows super-fast in the hydroponic system and they are fairly simple to take care of it. Lettuce usually grows well in NFT system (nutrient film technique). Lettuce is a great plant when you just begin with Hydroponic Farming.

  • Lettuce grow very rapidly in hydroponics
  • It requires little Space, best choice for hydroponics gardening at home.
  • NFT system works well for Lettuce commercial hydroponic farming.
Cucumber Hydroponic Plants

Cucumber (Kheera in Hindi)

Cucumber is a very popular plant which is grown in commercial hydroponic greenhouse and growing hydroponics at home. Cucumber is environmentally friendly hydroponic plants, they enjoy a quick growth under sufficient environmental conditions and also they give very high yields with hydroponic system. There are many types and different sizes of cucumbers in the market. All these grow well in Hydroponic farming.

  • It is a warm plant, it require enough light source and temperature
  • Cucumber grow well with drip hydroponic system
  • Cucumber plants need support with wire cage or large trellis
Kale Hydroponic Plants

Kale (Leaf Cabbage)

Kale is a best nutritious and delicious flavored hydroponic plant for home food and restaurant meals. It is surely a great vegetable for any healthy person having proven health advantages. The good news is that beginners have grown Kale hydroponically for many years, so most definitely that you can do it in the water systems. In fact, it’s actually easy to grow in hydroponics.

  • Kale, Leaf Cabbage grows well in cool temperature.
  • Kale will grow and thrive rapidly in hydroponics
  • Kale will flourish well in water culture hydroponic system
Spinach Hydroponic Plant

Spinach (Paalak in Hindi)

Spinach is a popular vegetable which can be either eaten raw leaf or cooked in the meals, Spinach hydroponic plants grow well in water based environment. Spinach is a cool hydroponic plant, so that, it does not require much light when growing hydroponically. You can harvest Spinach all at once or you can tear off some leaves. Get up to 3 months of continuous harvesting underneath a very good condition of the climate and growing natural environment.

  • Spinach is a cooler plants, they respond well in less temperatures
  • Best plants which you can grow hydroponics at home
  • Grow well in water culture Environment.DWS hydroponic system
Hydroponic Plants Beans

Beans (Green beans, Pole Beans, Etc.)

Beans are one of the very most productive and less maintenance vegetables, which can be grown hydroponically. There are many popular types of beans to select, including pole beans, green beans, pinto beans and lima beans. Growing with pole beans you will require a trellis or a something to hold the plants. Seed germination often takes 3 to 8 days.

  • Beans grow well in full sunlight
  • Harvesting starts after 6 to 8 weeks
  • Continue the harvesting for 3 to 4 months
Strawberries Hydroponic Plant


Strawberries are absolutely perfect for hydroponic farming. Many people have been growing in large scale. The NFT Hydroponic system is the best choice for commercial hydroponics farming. However, you can actually enjoy enough fresh new delicious berries to feed all of your family by cultivating strawberries in your own home and harvesting the several fruits all year round.

  • Strawberries requires low humidity
  • Strawberries grow extremely well in hydroponics
  • They grow best with NFT system, require special attention on RH
Capsicum Hydroponic Plants

Peppers (Capsicum)

Peppers require the same like tomatoes hydroponic growing condition. Peppers usually take 2 to 3 months to harvest. You can start growing all of them from seeds or even from plants through the local garden provider. Recommended varieties of hydroponic growing plants are Habanero, jalapeno, for hot peppers, mazurka. Nairobi, cubico, felony to grow sweet peppers.

  • Capsicum need warm temperatures and good amount of sunlight
  • Capsicum best grown using a drip hydroponic system
  • Raising night time & decreasing daytime temperatures improves fruit production
Radishes Hydroponic Plants

Radishes (type of Moolee in Hindi)

Radishes is another plant which makes a good flavor mix along with other vegetables. Radishes are surely among the easiest vegetables to cultivate in hydroponics. It’s preferable to start from the seeds and you will see seedlings within just 3 to 7 days. They need cool temperature and do not require much sunlight. Radishes hydroponic plants are best started from the seed. Generally Transplants are not recommended.

  • Radishes are a rapidly maturing & grow well in cool weather
  • Radishes are very easy to grow in hydroponics
  • Radish grow well in deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics system
Ginger Hydroponic Plant

Ginger (Adarak in Hindi)

Ginger grows very well in hydroponics and there were several research tests examining the best ways of production together with plant nutrition. Ginger is a member of the Zingiberaceae family of tropical & subtropical plants. Ginger is well suited to protected cultivation in a humid with warm environment. Growing ginger in hydroponics, Grow bag should be least more than 1 foot deep.

  • Medicinal ginger plants can grow well in hydroponics
  • Ginger grow well in humid with warm environment
  • Good scope for commercial hydroponics
Mint Hydroponic Plant

Peppermint (Pudeena in Hindi)

Mints has different category peppermints and spearmint, peppermint extensively grown in hydroponics and in soil cultivation. Their aromatic substances in mints are pungent and also refreshing. Which proves all their use as the flavor for food and then beverages. Mint roots spread quickly and make it ideal to grow in Hydroponics, where hydroponic plants are positioned in separate spaces.

  • Mints grow well in outdoors with full sunlight
  • Mints seed generally germinate between 12 to 16 days
  • Mints rapidly mature & ready for harvest within 3 to 4 week cycle
Chives Hydroponic Plants

Chives (Herbal plant)

Chives are an easier to grow from the hydroponic system. So it’s better to buy them from the local garden suppliers. Chives grow well under the normal condition, it requires 6 to 8 weeks before it’s fully mature. After that you can harvest regularly. Its need 3 to 4 weeks later to entirely regrow.

  • Chives grow quickly and easy to maintain
  • Grow well in Ebb and flow hydroponic system
  • Chive need more sunlight. 12 to 14 hours of sun light requires each day
Basil Hydroponic Plants

Basil (Herbal plant, Tulasee in Hindi)

Basil plants is belongs to mint family. Basil grows perfectly in hydroponics system. It is one of the most grown herbs in a hydroponic farming. Once this hydroponic plants reaches the actual mature stage, you can harvest and trim it every week. Basil needs lots of sunlight. It will certainly undergo an unhealthy growth if you don’t provide with over 11 hours of sun lightning.

  • Basil grows quickly and not require much room space
  • You can easily grow basil with NFT or Drip hydroponic system
  • Basil Require more sunlight, need 9 to 11 hours decent sunlight
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